Living with No TV

I have been asked to write about living with no TV.  On the same day I was asked to write this post, my friend asked if I could record TV on the day of a rally for Grassy Narrows.  In the end, I had to say “Sorry I have no TV at my place.” I do work on the website for this group but don’t have video skills to make the request possible.

For myself, I have never own a TV and with the raise of video on the Internet, there is no way I need to own a TV again.  This has been something I am happy about as I don’t need another technology in my life to sick me down a hole.  The overall point is that TV is something I will not have for the rest of my life.

In general, people use the TV for many things, to play console game lime Wii, watch Netflix, and have a bigger screen for their computer.  First, I have not played videos in a very long time and the last game I bought was years ago.  Second, Netflix is not something I have owned or watched myself at all, I am not into movies or TV shows that much.  The other reason is that the Canadian version misses a lot of content that the USA version has and is a letdown.  Third, I have opted to go smaller than larger with a tablet screen.  With this, I like to read about the size of screen for TVs but get bored hearing about HDTV or 3D.  Overall, in the last many years, I have not enjoyed TV as I feel this is make me dumber but still like cooking competition shows.

I believe TV that as a society, we spend too much time on the TV which makes us get less done in other parts of our lives.  Being addicted to TV can hurt yourself, family and friends without ever knowing that this us happening.  Along that align, if you spend too much time as a kid watching TV, you will either watch the same or more as an adult unless you create a busy life for yourself.  I have experienced all of this in my life and now trying to plan my life out to be busier which will make me happier.

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