How to Remember Things When You Forget – Android to the Rescue

In this post, I will talk about the reminder applications that I have tested out then go onto apps liked Alarm Clocks, Calendars, To-do lists. I haven’t tested out much, just the normal ones that come with Android.

Well my mind is really good at remembering what I have to do and where I have too be.  This is why when I look at items like Calendar or Alarm Clock or to-do lists off the computer they hardly ever work.  There has only been a few times when I have been late or missed something which is normally because I am a sleep.

Alarm Clock: I use the default Alarm Clock to wake up in the morning but this never works. I am up early before the alarm goes off or the sound is too low for me to hear.  I have noticed the alarm clock volume is separate from the other volumes, and I forget to check the volume is loud enough. The app needs no work but the setup of this could be easier as to place the alarm control sound in the application.

Default Calendar: The default calendar is Google Calendar which is great for doing a lot of different work and remembering your schedule.  I have tried to use this for years without any luck. I really don’t have a schedule with me being freelance.  Every time I use the application, they ask me for a 10 min reminder and I say to myself really only 10 mins?  The calendar is really good to share items between other people on a calendar that are scheduled.  For me, I have no use for this as the calendar really doesn’t help me stay focused or know when I have to be where.  The way I see calendars are to be used for groups that want to be social.  Even if there are private calendars, I feel like a social bug waiting to hatch, so using this calendar for that reason is not for me.

To-do List: In Android 4.3, Google added an app called Keep which I talked about before.  This is a great app which is improving slowly, they added a reminder part to this.  I do use this for lists and writing notes and other items, which is great in minds.  The two items that are missing, 1. there is no rich text yet so no bold or underline available. 2. you can’t mark an item done, if you have a list of items.  I do really like this application as I can see in my Google drive what I am doing.  For mobile devices the app interface is great but when viewing the notes online, the interface can be improved.  Here is the list: 1. Google needs a way to see all the notes at once and choose between them faster, 2. allowing for pop out of notes into lightbox format like Gmail compose window does which already in mobile app.

Overall, apps for reminding people what to do are good but personally I don’t use them enough.  They are good for busy groups or people or even businesses but for a single person who might not be busy they will sit there and collect dust.  I would say that people might use android apps for these more because in other OSes, these are not very easy to find.  With Android, the percentage who would use this is higher from my view.  If you really want to try the apps go ahead and give them a whirl.

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