Why I am reducing my time online in September 2013

Followiing on from Shawnrisk’s post on Living with Minimal Technology click here. And my post on how to save your body from extra stress click here. I have decided to reduce my time online and using my computer.

Why I am reducing my time online.

In this day and age of computers, tablets, smart phones and other devices, we use them as an every day part of our lives. We can become used to using them all the time. People will either become addicted to them or just suffer from overuse of them. We rely on this technology to.

1. help us do important things
2. connect with people from all over the world.
3. Browse and search for things to pass the time

Email: this has become part of the normal every day thing we check. You get emails from all sort of places. Friends, Family, Newsletters, updates from a website community you joined. Receiving your bills and reminders to pay them. People may forward you a funny email they got. Your email inbox can become so clogged with emails that you end up missing important ones. This is where you need to learn how to manage your emails by creating labels for them and Putting them in folders, staring them etc these can be set up and done automatically for emails when they come in. When properly managed your email can become easier and you will likely not miss your important ones.

Social Media: with the rise of social media such as Facebook, Bebo, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc. we have come to rely on our computers every day. When we have nothing to do its easy to sit and just connect and see what others are up to, browse interesting things click on things your friends have shared, follow your interests.

All this done on your computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone smart tv, media streaming devices, such as apple tv, roku etc. It is so easy. People may even feel the need to go out and buy the latest gadget which is, faster, has more features and better than the old one they had.

I have decided to take this month to reduce my usage of internet. It is a good time for me to get things done I have not been able to, or just neglected being in the buzz of online connectivity.

1. I need to get my house cleaned up. I am sick of mess around the edges and having a kitchen that can become too messy that I can’t be bothered cooking and eating properly at times,
2. I need to spend time in my garden cleaning that up a bit.
3. I need to learn to relax and unwind more. 

When I have done this in the past I I noticed that found I replaced the usage of computers with TV.  So I am also doing a TV fast. I have no excuses, I have become lazy and I need to step up and just do it. When I clean If I put on some music it helps motivates me. When relaxing it helps me to put on some quite music, sit down read a book. close my eyes and just practise breathing calmly and relaxing my body.

To let others know i am not going to be online much.

1. I leave a message on Facebook and other social networks, to let them know. 2. I use an email vacation service, usually built into your email account or application. This just sends  an automatic email to anyone who sends me the email so they know what i am dong.

A vacation notice will be something like this.

“I am taking a break over the month of September from being on line. If you need to contact me urgently, or send an important email, please either call me at home or txt me and I will get back to you”

So for the month of September 2013, both me and shawnrisk will be taking a one month challenge to reduce the use of computers and technology so we can get other things in our lives done and help improve our lives.

click here for the basic plan we will be following and you may want to do the same. 

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