Updates and Dictionaries Within Android

I want to give an update to my previous posts and talk about dictionaries within Android.

First I will talk about the dictionary on Android which I believe is in the UK style that I use. I am from Canada and seems that we use three different dictionaries in one. Sometimes, we use UK words, some we use USA words and others we use Canada words. This is a real problem when writing emails to people. On the other hand, the dictionary is missing simple words like program. I would say an improve is needed in the dictionary or people will continue to write bad emails. I have even seen blog posts that do up an email without correcting anything to see what comes out, and this is a garbage email.

As I said in the past, the file moving took lots of time with the wrong adaptor but I still feel this is better than I thought. I was able to move items fast and easy, and moving forward will be able to do that more. Might invest in a mini to SATA adaptor as that will allow me to transfer files faster.

The only apps I don’t have yet and haven’t needed them are Graphic Apps like Photoshop and Illustrator. I know I don’t do enough graphics to care about them but they are important to modify and change around images that people give who say “Here is the image, change whatever you want.” In the future, I will look for them but if I do more coding and less graphic work that will help in not needing them. I also need to give app developers time to improve the quality of the apps.

As for the functionality, there are some that the Nexus 7 doesn’t have like drag and drop, even if there not enough app developer deploy this. I would like to see that implemented as that is super amazing if I could FTP and File directory open and with my finger drag and drop the file into the ftp.

I actually like the Nexus 7 better to my Macbook Pro as there was so much useless space wasted and the size was heavy. Going forward I believe people will use tablets more and the laptop will die out like desktops are slowly. The best thing is being able to relax and not have a super hot machine microwaving my body. I never liked the heat that came off the computer. They have to find a solution to the current batteries they use or more health problems will occur.

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