30 Day Plan to Reduce Online Usage

Over the next 30 Days here are some tips to help you reduce your online usage and get other things done.

As you do this you may find it useful to writ a plan, use a diary etc to pencil in what you need to get done

1. Start your day with a routine. Get up and ready, have a wash including down to shoes, and be ready for what the day has to bring.
2. Think about what things you need to get done during the week instead of being online. This may include cleaning your house, doing the gardening, getting out of the house and going for a walk, reading a book, learning to relaxing.
3. Check email 2-3 times a week for important ones. Give yourself 30-60mins to check and answer anything. Don’t get distracted by other emails
4. Check facebook, and other social media once a week only for important contact. Check any personal messages people may have sent you and reply to them. Again give yourself 30-60mins to do this maximum. Don’t get distracted by other content.
5. You may find a timer useful to get things done setting it for 15mins and do things in that time then take a break for 15mins and then go back and do another 15mins etc.

You are free to modify this plan as you need to. Remember everyone is different and you know what works best for you. 

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Posted in 30 Days reducing online usage, mickeyj4j, September 2013

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