Living with Minimal Technology

I have been writing about my move from a Macbook Pro Laptop to a Nexus 7 Tablet which has been fun to write.  I am going to continue to write about that each week. Beyond that, I decided that, I would write about living with minimal technology after I read about David Roberts from grist who is going off the internet for a year and remembering Paul Miller who did the same and came back after a year.

After I read both of these again today, I was thinking of my own experience with technology and how I got wrapped up in this.  Since, I have a very good memory of the past, I can remember, using IBM PCs, DOS and BBSes back in the day.  I feel my push over the top was in middle school (Grade 7 & 8) and highschool when everyone knew I was good with computers.  They always pushed me to get involved with computers by learning or doing something to help out.  Right around the time I had to figure out which University/College I wanted to go, I finally said, “I am done with computers, not going to go into a profession with them.”

Well, that changed as I went for half a semester at Nipissing University in North Bay, Ontario, Canada to do computers with 9 other people in my University class and I was very addicted to the computer still.  Finally, I had major problems, which included computers, and said “I am quitting University.”

After that happened, I finally actually got involved and was thrown out of my comfortable zone.  I jumped into Katimavik and Canada World Youth but still was using computers even from as far as India.

Between the two programs above, I went back to College to do computers and then finished the two year program after I finished the volunteer programs.  I was now able to do networking or websites for a living and decided why not websites.

I have been doing websites fulltime for 5 years now and this still is really annoying but I haven’t been able to find a way out yet.  In the end, I would say in the eleven years I have been hating computers, I always come back to this.  Currently, I do web development on the side, and volunteer with environmental groups and organisations mainly.

The only way out for me is to take a serious break from computers which is not one year but either forever or a few years.  The problem with that is I will never know where my income will come from if I do that.  The other way is to go live on a farm and explore life there with continuing web development work on the side.

Back to the topic at hand, I am finally living somewhere where I can explore myself more and not be jarred by the Internet or people.  Currently, I haven’t hooked up WiFi from the upstairs to my basement apt. but do have 3G on my phone.  In combination with destroying my Macbook Pro and the living space, I finally have a chance to turn down the amount of technology I use in my life seriously.

Over the series, I will explore various ways, society uses technology for better or worse and how I fit into that situation.  Hopefully, most of the time, I will find a way to eliminate or seriously turn down the usage of that technology.

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