Why I Still Need A Laptop

Following on from my previous post where I talked about apps I use on my Nexus 7.  I figured why not write about what I still need a laptop for.  Most of the items I use to use my laptop for, I have found an alternative to them but not everything.

First, since I work in web development, I still need a laptop to test for Internet Explorer Browser and with that to have developer tools like firebug.  None of these exist on the Android Platform as of yet.  With this, the FTPs for laptops are much better and as I said in my previous post, editing files directly is so much better.

Second, most video websites use Flash which is not available on Android.  I have had to be creative to find HTML5 sites but really think this is good as I cut down on the amount of videos I watch.

Third, for email and documents, the full rich text editor is not apart of either of these.  I have had to save various emails and send documents to myself by email to use a laptop with these features that these programs have.

Fourth, Skype is better on laptops in two ways. 1. Allows for no distraction of other elements taking up the screen like keyboard.  2. On a laptop, you can be in a multi audio chat in mere minutes.

Fifth, I do miss having great image editing programs like Photoshop or Illustrator or Preview (in Mac OS X).  You can open an image a change the size in mere seconds or create and edit image in under an hour for me, might be faster for others.

In the future, I will explain when I have found out how to solve my problems on the tablet.  As I am learning as I go, this is taking time but everything is worth the wait.

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3 comments on “Why I Still Need A Laptop
  1. rubelpabna says:

    This was the subject of a conversation in a FB group earlier this week. I think people feel like it has to be legal – they couldn’t do it otherwise. But I have a feeling we’d all better be taking this seriously. Most of the time I don’t think people pay a lot of attention where an image originally began – they just repin it. Personally, I don’t consider Pinterest worth taking this kind of chance with. cheap laptops under 200

  2. Adam says:

    For me it is more like “why I still need a desktop PC with windows XP” rather than the laptop. For some reasons, I cannot work half as efficiently as I do on my good old PC … of course some apps or software won’t run, and I have to reach out to my laptop every once in a while, but I do most of my regular browsing and routine work on a PC.

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