Save you body from extra stress.

Is your Computer desk, office setup properly, weather at work or at home. Do you end up using your laptop, tablet etc when in bed, on the couch etc. well this can easily create a bad posture, where you are slouching, hunched over, not in proper alignment, putting extra pressure on your body. Now your body can handle this type of thing for a while, in the short term. But as this is causing pressure on your body it can also increase stress, pressure, cause headaches and other complications that you may not be aware of. Although it is not the only cause of these things it could be contributing to them.

So take a look at how you are using your computer and mobile devices. If you end up using your computer sitting in your lounge allot why not invest in a portable computer table.

Computer Posture Tips 
1. You can get a simple table that you can set up to use when needed these can have adjustable heights and angles. but they may take us some space. see ideas below.

2. You can get a desk designed for use on a couch most of these fold for convenient storage and come with adjustable angles to suit the individual. some ideas are below. 


For more ideas on correct computer posture for you home office or at work click here

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