Facebook maintenance.

This is following on from my previous post about Facebook and social media click here

These days with social media like Facebook it can be hard to keep track of all your Friends, groups and pages you follow or have liked. Your news feed can end up being full of so much stuff you may miss things you actually want to see, like what your friends are up to etc, things can get easily lost.

I recommend maintaining your Facebook account regularly, tweaking it so it is easy for you to manage.

Your Facebook News Feed

You can clean up your news feeds easily in facebook.

1. For people, groups, pages with the like button. putting the mouse pointer over the like button you can set weather to show the posts in your news feed, organise them into lists
2. For groups and pages without a like button if you click on notifications you can set weather to get all notifications, only ones posted by your friends in the group, or turn them off


Friend Lists: Helps you manage your friends. You can use one of the common lists or create your own ones. For groups you belong to, how you met them, family, friends, etc.

Interest Lists: for groups and pages you can create lists and organise them into interests such as technology, hobbies, encouraging. Etc


Like me you probably have lots of Facebook Friends, and I can understand why. In todays world when you meet someone its common to exchange phone numbers, emails and Facebook accounts, even just after one meeting. You can end up having lots of friends on Facebook this way.

1. As mentioned you can turn on or off news feeds for your friends, this helps if you want to be able to contact them in the future but don’t need to see what they get up to.
2. It may be time to think about removing some people you don’t have contact with much. This is not a bad thing, Facebook will notify them that you have removed them. This may prompt some people to contact you starting communications again. If they don’t contact you back its no loss really. I tend to put a post on my page a few days before doing anything, letting people know what I am about to do and if they think its in error to contact me about it. I figure if they bother to contact me back then it is worth keeping them as friends for a while longer.

Other Settings

In your account there are other settings that you should be aware of.

1. On your facebook page under the header image.
About: Clicking on about you can see your information and for each section there is an edit button to change things.
Photos: This is where you can upload and manage your photos.
Friends: You can see your friends, manage them and add new ones.
A drop-down list with other optins. You can manage your facebook likes, music, interests that you have connected with.

2. On the facebook tool bar click on the cog button, on the far right side.
Account Settings
Here you can tweak things. Your account information, who can view your posts, restrict people, edit your app preferences, and more.

For more information on how to manage your facebook page click here

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