Apps and Keyboards for Nexus 7

I have been learning a lot since my exploration with the Nexus 7 and now I am exploring the various apps that can be added on.  Since I do a lot of web development, my apps might be weighted toward that side.

For the FTP app since all I need is FTP and SFTP, I have gone with AndFTP.  This app is very easy to use and gets to the point.  There is no messing around with connection configurations or other things.  I still think that Cyberduck was better in the ease of moving files around which was drag and drop from any application.  This is in general, the Mac ecosystem is better for that. UPDATE: I tested this to see if this can edit files on the fly and seems this is not able to happen, unless I am missing something.

For IRC, I like using AndroIRC as that is easy to use and already has many servers saved for ease of connect.  There is also very easy menu items that allow for many items right at your fingertips.  Many other programs, I have used on other OSes, have 1 or 2 menu items but this puts all the commands I need front and centre.

For creating and editing documents, this has been a pain.

For online documents, I have started to use Google Drive for many items but recently started using this more.  Using Google Drive in browser on a Nexus 7 is awful for spreadsheets as you have to edit each row individually with a single button push on the left side of the row each time.  With that problem, I thought, why not test the Google Drive app as I remember using that before and my friend talking about Google Drive in general sparked me.  This app is amazing and really easy to use, I am now 50% faster in getting work done.

As for other pieces, which is downloading files and editing this.  None of the apps, I downloaded were able to copy a table from a .doc file.  This was the main purpose for testing out some that I did.  Once I need something like that again, I will research if any of these have improved.  This is a big fat 0 at the moment but might improve as time moves on. I tested this to see if this can edit files on the fly and seems this is not able to happen, unless I am missing something. UPDATE: I tried out a few more apps and one was crazy that resembled NeoOffice on the desktop exactly and seem so hard to use. I settled on Kingsoft Office which so far is very useful.

As I moved on, I was thinking why not add emails to the list.  One day, I remembered, I have a domain email I get and have forgot about them.  Once I remembered, I was like, why not test out the default email app for Android and that was very bad, which others have said including here: and I have to agree with him.  With that failing, I was thinking is there a free open source app to use and I came upon K-9 Mail which is amazing. They are able to do so much with the app, and yet one feature I want is not there but really this shouldn’t be done in any app.  Forwarding emails from one FROM address to other people should be done within the email server.  Once, I started to get give back to the K-9 Mail community, they have given me powers to edit tickets which is fun.

For browsing files and folders without rooting my tablet, I started to use File Expert, which allows me to browse by type of files only so documents or videos.  Plus they have many features, I don’t use but the tabs they have straight out are amazing.  They put easy of use first and everything comes together. I like that, browsing files is easy and that I never lose any files if they are placed in the right area.

For the experience of wallpapers, this is very hard as the default, lets you add a wallpaper from an image but zooms the image so only a portion of the image is shown.  I got an app called Image 2 Wallpaper but that doesn’t do everything I want.  I am sure I haven’t used all the features but the image hasn’t come out the way I want this too.  I still feel the image wallpaper is much better and a major improvement.

With this, I have been using Skype and Google Hangout Apps for my communication.  This has been a good experience overall but haven’t been able to create a multi voice chat with people on Skype yet.  This is either a missing feature or I am missing something.  As for text chat and 1 to 1 communication, this works out fine for everyone involved.  For Google Hangouts, the two problems, is telling if someone is online and which email address someone is using.  This doesn’t tell me who is online at the moment which would be a nice feature to get back from Google Talk and Gmail Chat.

The last app I have started to use is the new Google Keep App which was added in Android 4.3 and very nice.  This allows for fast note taking which I really enjoy.  These notes can be added to the desktop as well which is good for fast viewing.

I have added Firefox along with having Chrome as that is nice to have two different web browsers.  I am not sure they are different for viewing as they all render in the mobile engine for me but better than nothing.  Hoping that in the future, I can get Safari and IE to render on this tablet.

UPDATE: I have added also the WordPress app, which is amazing and simple but unsure yet if this can edit themes as I haven’t tested that out. The app is a rich text editor which is good as I enjoy that for sure.

UPDATE: I also listen to CBC Radio all the time here in Canada and they have an amazing app. You can listen to streaming radio or podcasts.

Moving onto Keyboards, I have looked at physical keyboards but they are not anything I want at all.  They are big and create more weight.  Keyboards make a tablet experience turn into a laptop experience which is not why I moved.  With the Android Keyboard for most apps, this works out perfectly but in some the keyboard takes up too make space in landscape mode.  I have tested out at least 3 apps for keyboards and none of them work better.  They might be smaller but no auto complete or they might have auto complete but take up full screen.  Everyone says get a physical keyboard and I want to work without that.  Speed is the name of the game which people say is not possible on mobile devices.  I have heard of people typing faster on a mobile device than a computer with a physical keyboard.

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