Google Chrome Security Risk. Protect yourself

Googles Chrome Browser has been a growing browser since it was created and is now one to the top browsers in the market along with internet explorer, firefox, safari and opera.

Today when I was taking a quick look on Facebook I saw several friends has posted up an article about Google Chrome Browser having passwords open to people using your computer, if they know how to look for them. click here for the initial article.

It seems that there is a simple behind the scenes setting you can type into the address bar to see what apps and passwords you have saved in chrome. If you click on the password it has a button to show the password. Out in the open. Its a real same that this function is sitting there without the user being notified. I was initially shocked and did some research and came up with this article click here

Google reps clam that they designed chrome this way. What a joke. Why have such a simple security risk built in. at least they should be more open about it so people are aware of the potential risks. 

Despite this vulnerability in security its not to bad. You should follow these steps, especially if you want to keep using chrome, and they are good general guide to follow.

  1. If you are that concerned about this don’t allow google chrome to save your website login password information.
  2. Never automatically log in to your computer, bypassing the profile and password login window.
  3. Never let anyone you don’t trust or know use your computer logged into your user account.
  4. Set up a guest user or dummy account incase you have others who ask to use your computer, set it so it does not have administration rights. (you an allow or disallow what apps etc they can use)
  5. consider switching to another browser like Firefox which may not suffer from the same problems
  6. Never leave your computer unattended when using and if you are turn on screen saver with password so people cant use the computer

overall just be careful. you have the ability to protect yourself and be wise. maybe its not such a bad thing that chrome has this slight weakness. its just another reminder of how we need to be super careful when using our computer and who we let use it. Maybe this was googles intentions to begin with. Now you know its up to you what you decide to do.

As always we appreciate your feedback, ideas and tips on this and any of our other articles. 

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3 comments on “Google Chrome Security Risk. Protect yourself
  1. traveler34 says:

    Google chrome, the laughing stock of AV experts:

    • mickeyj4j says:

      although this i san interesting link, i dont think that chrome is a laughing stock at all. it is a very well designed browser. its just a shame they are not more forth coming and up front about security risks, either they have an agenda to promote people who support them. or they might have designed the filters to well looking for things they should not. either way when you look at it the overall browser experience of googel chrome compared to other browsers, is a revolution in terms of how it works, self maintains, built in flash etc all making it a faster more stable experience, especially for users who are not aware of how to maintain a browser by cleaning cache, cookies etc or using apps like ccleaner (in windows) to do it for them. compared to an unmanaged browser chrome is preferable. but to those who knwo how to maintain a browser to keep it running at its best then chrome is not that much different.

      • traveler34 says:

        I also think it is a good browser (I’m writing to you from Google chrome), but, the download security section is a disaster. I once downloaded a package from Norton and Google Chrome said: “This file appears to be malicious”. So I believe such false messages should not be reported by Google Chrome, because it affects the image of the company in question.

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