Linux Reviews, tutorials, and other info.

Hi all I am going to share some of the places around the web I have found that are good to get information on whats Latest in the Linux World.

Forum(s): Most linux distros (distributions) have their own forums. This is a great place to find answers, and ask related questions to any needs you may have. You can find helpful, How-tos, tips, bug fixes, ideas etc.

IRC: Internet Relay Chat service has many Networks that host, support channels where you can chat about different topics. Popular Linux distros have their own channel. To access the channel all you have to do is run the built in irc application. Xchat, pidgin, Konversation and weechat are just some of the many irc chat applications available on linux. Note irc is live realtime chat, ask your question and don’t expect instant answers. It is also best to do some research yourself on the subject, ask in forums and see what you get. Don’t rely on Irc chat to be your source of instant answers.

Distrowatch: This is a great place to go, it has lots of information on Linux distributions (distros). It even has a list of the most current popular distros, (this is based on the number of downloads each distro gets, not the number of people who use them). It has good info on what each distro is based on and is like. click here to find distrowatch.

SneekyLinux: SneekyLinux posts, mainly tutorials, on youtube. He does top quality reviews on many different linux distros, and from time to time applications and other linux related things. click here for his youtube channel.

Linux4UnMe: Another youtube subscriber who posts lots great Linux Tutorials, Reviews, discussion and Linux news. You can find out lots of interesting things click here.

Hack5: is not a dedicated Linux show. It’s a more general tech show, with a slant towards security. But it covers computing stuff all the time, and the presenters often address Linux, using Ubuntu in particular. It’s a great show. click here for the channel

Let us know what you think and any places you find useful.  

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  2. […] Linux Reviews, tutorials, and other info. ( […]

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