Moving Harddrive and Files From Macbook Pro to Nexus 7

As I said in the pervious post that I am moving from my Macbook Pro to Nexus 7.  This has been fun along the way but in the end there are always problems.  I got the Nexus 7 and SATA to USB  cable, which will help me get the process started.

First, I opened my macbook pro up and removed two screws which allowed me to pull with a plastic tag (which is attached to the hard drive) the hard drive out and just pull the cable out.  This seems to have been easy in earlier models like this of Macbook’s as a friend who does lots of hardware fixing said “Was the hardware easy to take out?” “The newer models are becoming harder.”

Second, I attached the SATA to USB cable onto the hard drive which was very easy.  Next I looked at connecting this to my nexus but the USB was the mini size and the USB cable was normal size.  This didn’t help at all and needed to find an alternative.  The alternative was to use the Windows 7 Laptop that is in the house.

Third, I researched how to get the files from the hard drive to my nexus directly.  I downloaded software called HFS Explorer and started this up.  After that, I connected the hard drive and nexus 7 to the laptop.  The software didn’t see my nexus 7 which was problem but at that moment wasn’t a pain.

Fourth, I started to copy files over to the laptop and was working great as this was super fast and wasn’t causing any problems.  After that, transferring them to my nexus was a pain as this was very slow and Windows always asked me the same questions over and over.  Plus I had to keep a watch to not let Windows log out or the devices wouldn’t stay connected.

Fifth, I had to make sure that the space was enough as I was going from a 250GB to a 16GB drive but in the end saw that this was enough.  Most of the files were not usable in the future and if need any could get them back again.

Sixth, I have setup cyberduck on my Mac and needed to get the bookmarks plus passwords but at the moment only have only found the bookmarks (which are in XML formatted files and easy to read). The passwords seem to be encrypted in Keychain which so far have been insane to figure out how to decrypt.

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2 comments on “Moving Harddrive and Files From Macbook Pro to Nexus 7
  1. mickeyj4j says:

    Nice post shawnrisk just a note, you are free to transfer your files how you like,
    1. if you have to use the windows 7 laptop why not upload the documents you need to dropbox, google drive as these are available on android.
    2. you may be able to get a converter for the sata usb cable to convert it to the mini usb connection. which may help you.

  2. shawnrisk says:


    1. There is not enough space on Google Drive or Drop box to put all my files on. I had close to 10GB – 13GB files that needed transfer. You are right that there must be a way to store files that are going to be bigger like 250GB etc.

    2. Yep that is an option but at the moment, I don’t need this. Maybe in the future I might but not now.

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