My Reasons for Moving from Macbook Pro to Google Nexus 7

For the past few months, I have been thinking of moving to a Tablet full-time from my Macbook Pro mid-2010 13″.  There were many options of which tablets to get, in the end a family member had a Google Nexus 7 they never used.  I have always enjoyed Android on my phone and have used the Nexus 7 before, which wouldn’t be a bigger leap for me.

Reasons for Moving

Here are the reasons on why I decided to move to a tablet full-time.

  1. I do web development work full-time as a freelancer and always see my laptop as big and heavy to carry around.  Most of the people in my field these days are using Tablets to show off their designs, websites and interact with others.  I felt far behind using my Macbook Pro, and wanted to move into the new age.
  2. I have always been thinking about the environment, and how much energy is consumed in our technology.  With a tablet (16 Wh Battery), this will use far less power than my Macbook Pro (63.5 Wh Battery).
  3. My Macbook Pro Battery has been dying on me, and with buying 2 wrong batteries and then having a friend bend and kill some pins on the logic board, I thought this was time for me to move now.

Problems That Might Arise

There might be problems that arise in the future as I move forward and here are some of them that I can think right now.

  1. Will I be able to move all the data I want from Macbook Pro harddrive onto my Nexus 7?
  2. Will all my apps that I need, be available on the tablet?
  3. Will I get the same functionality as my Macbook Pro?

Overall, I believe that I will enjoy the process and hope that everything works out smoother which never does happen.  As I move forward in this process, I will continue to post on each steps successes and failures.

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