SSDs (Solid State Drives) the way of the future

If you know about the history of computers and storage media. you will know that the Hard drive (hdd) and media storage has come along way From the size of a shipping container to something not much bigger than a postage stamp.

Here is a good overview of the history. 

Now for a few years the humble hdd did not change much in design and form. Being a spinning disk and with parts that would generally ware out over time.


Now in this day and age the hdd is slowly being replaced by Solid State storage (sss).

ssd are a great choice especially in a modern computer. The operating system (os) runs, and can access files, faster. One of the best drives out today is the Samsung 840 evo. This is a great device both in price and storage costing $650 usd around 65¢ click here for more info


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