Facebook and social media organising.

Sometimes i do wonder if people these days people just press that little like button, that’s the one next to things posted by their friends and groups, without reading them or clicking the links and videos there. I guess i have been guilty of this too.

In this day of social media it can get a bit daunting especially if you have lots of things coming up in your news feed.  Maybe its time to go through your social media accounts and sort them out.

we are going to use Facebook as an example.

1. Go through your profile and make sure your have the privacy settings tweaked, things like only friends can see your posts etc
2. Go through your friends list and see if you can remove anyone you are no longer in contact with.
3. Go through your groups to see if there are any you no longer use, or are interested in and remove them
4. Turn off or limit the amount of posts from friends and groups
5. Create friend lists to manage your friends, eg where you met them, from groups, clubs, school, close friends, family, etc

If like many who play games on Facebook, and have friends to help you advance,  you would probably not what all your game friends coming up in your news feed or on your page, or even game posts etc. create a friend list for the game and put all your game friends there. this will help manage things. (I don’t advise that playing Facebook games is always a good thing as people can hack your account through them fairly easily).

another thing to do is make sure you use a secure network when online. usually this just means using https:// instead of http:// at the beginning of the web address. click here for more information.

**NOTE** It is important to regularly check your Facebook settings at least every 3 months. Facebook update their services often with new features, sometimes they reset everyone’s privacy settings. It is assumed by many that Facebook probably does this to make things easier for themselves, dump a small setting that many people wont notice. A quick google search will bring up many such complaints about this, and hows to’s to fix the problems.  **NOTE**

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