Microsoft Mouse and keyboard setup. on Mountain lion.

I was needing a new keyboard and mouse combo that was

compatible with my Macbook Pro with Mountain Lion. Although I have always liked Logitec brand. they did not have mac logo on them. To my surprise the Microsoft Brand did so i got the

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 keyboard and mouse combo
this is a nice keyboard with clean smooth keystrokes, smooth mouse tracking and a comfort wrist rest not found in logitec keyboards.
to install this you need to

  1. go to the Microsoft drivers website at
  2. click on desktop sets.
  3. then click on wirless Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000
  4. then select the driver for mac osx from the drop-downdriver
  5. click download and wait for it to download.
  1. Once finished open the downloads folder and click the file
  2. click on the Microsoft desktop installed file and let the driver Install.
  3. once you have installed things everything should be setup and working.
  4. Now open “system preferences>Microsoft keyboard” or and “system preferences>Microsoft mouse” and change the settings, assign the special key functions and you are good to go.

As MS still hasn’t fixed the issue with the Intellitype drivers for Mountain Lion so they load by themselves. You have to open the System Preferences and click on the Microsoft Keyboard or Mouse panes to get them to load. These steps will eliminate the need to perform these manual steps.

I’d like to give credit to the person who first came up with this, but having found the same text in numerous places, I can’t single out the origin.

  1. Navigate to the folder /Library/PreferencePanes/ on the startup drive
  2. Right click on Microsoft Mouse.prefpane for mice, Microsoft Keyboard.pref Pane for keyboards
  3. Select Show Package Contents
  4. Navigate down through Contents > Resources
  5. Leave the above folder open on the desktop , and open the System Preferences
  6. Select Users & Groups
  7. Click on your user, and then Login Items
  8. Go back to folder on the desktop, select the file MicrosoftMouseHelper, or MicrosoftKeyboardHelper, and drag this into the login items area on the right-hand side of the login items page (in the System Preferences window).

In the sample below, I added the keyboard helper.

Repeat the steps if you added the keyboard helper and also need the mouse helper.

Now when you restart or start up your Mac, these helpers will load automatically.

thanks to user Kurt Lang from a post about Microsoft keyboard support click here at the apple support community. for this handy tip i added to the bottom of my post. top marks to him. 

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2 comments on “Microsoft Mouse and keyboard setup. on Mountain lion.
  1. Pedro Bilbao says:

    I finally got the Microsoft Intelli Type and the Mouse to behave properly by following your detailed instructions. Thank you very much.

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