Installing linux via live media vs net-installs

The two most common ways of installing linux , either using live media or net-installs. I am going to briefly explain the difference and list the pros and cons,

With live media you can use a desktop as you would after you install , but doesn’t remain persistant ie any software changes you make wont survive a reboot. Live media can be particulary useful if you want to try out an os , or use some of the tools available on the live media. When you decide you have found the right linux and wish to install, there will be an option to install to the hard drive. With net-install image you don’t get a desktop it goes straight to an installer.

So weighing up the pro’s and con’s of using a net-install image

The image you download is smaller.
There is no need to update afterwards as you download the latest packages during install.
The user decides which packages he/she wishes to install.

It will take more time to configure the installed system.
The installer is usually text based and isn’t as user friendly.
A greater understanding of what needs to be installed on a linux system is required.

I personally like doing net-installs and recommend doing them. Please note that not all linux distrobutions have a net-installer image. The extra time to configure your system is well worth it in my opinion. However if this is your first linux install I would recommend using live media.

I should also note that live media can be used for when not installing the os , ie if you need to reinstall the bootloader , or it can be used to backup your data if you need to reinstall.

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One comment on “Installing linux via live media vs net-installs
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