More VirtualBox Tips

Key for this post

  • os:  operating system
  • vbox: VirtualBox
  • Host:  the main os you installed vbox on
  • Guest: any os installed inside vbox

Following on from this post about vbox click here I thought it great to add this extra tips. If you have a legal copy of Windows, (not in use on any computer) you can also install and run it in vbox along with Linux os. There are 2 additional things needed to make your vbox installs run at their best.

vbox Guest additions: this is necessary to get full functioning of the os inside vbox.

  1. setup and install your operating system 
  2. boot into the operating system.
  3. click on the “Devices” menu in the virtual machine’s menu bar
  4. select “Install guest additions”

thats it Guest additions are installed. for more information in guest additions look in chapter 4 in the manual click here

usb 2.0 support: for usb 2.0 support in your guest operating system you need to install the “usb 2.0 extension pack”

  1. install the extension pack for your version of vbox click here
  2. click on the installed package and a Network Operations Manager window will appear, guiding you through the required steps.

I hope this helps you  get the most out of  vbox. this is by no means the end of vbox and what it can do. Will post more later.

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