How to Install a Virtualbox guest

For those who do not know virtualbox is virtualization software that allows you to install operating systems inside a virtual enviroment. It is a great tool to try linux or different linux distrobutions. There are drawbacks , the system will not behave exactly like it would if you made a partition on your computer and installed there but at least give you an idea of how to use linux or that distrobution. Also note that since gnome-shell requires 3d acceleration it will not work.

Virtualbox downloads are available from

There are many linux distrobutions out there. Check out for linux distrobutions. Today I am going to use Xubuntu 12.10. First off download the iso from . If you have not already done so install virtualbox.

Open virtualbox and click on the New button, and prompted with Name, Type and Version , for each of those Xubuntu 12.10 Quantel , Linux and Ubuntu repsectively.

The next dialogue is about how much memory to assign to the guest , the more you can spare the better but do not take to much from the host. I am going to assign 512Mb.

Since there is not an existing virtual drive available one needs to be created, so click create. If you not wanting to use this drive with other virtualization tools.

This dialogue gives the choice of either dynamically allocated or fixed, and as it states dynamically allocated drives will only use the spave they need on your host drive but at the cost of perfmormance. In this instance I am going to choose dynamically allocated.

File allocation and size , for this I am choosing Xubuntu 12.10 and 8 Gb respectively. With the new Virtual Drive configured click create

Now we will need to add the iso to the list of virtual devices so that we can boot the live media. This can be done by right-clicking on the newly created virtual machine –> Settings –> Storage , click where there is ‘Empty’ under the controller type, then click the choose a virtual cd/dvd disk, looks like a cd with a down arrow. Click choose a virtual cd/dvd file, then navigate to where the iso is located , select it and click open then ok.

Now install the media will boot as it would if you were to install it on your main computer. Once the live media loads up click on the Install Xubuntu Icon. If you want to have the latest updates click the download updates while installing box. Continue.
Since we are going to use the whole drive select , Erase disc and install Xubuntu. You can try different options here if you like , it is safer to try these options in virtulbox then on your physical drive , if you get it wrong the only thing you will lose is time , not your data.
Select location on the map , this will determine you locale and timezone, for me New Zealand.
Select keyboard layout , for me it is english us for both.
Enter your details , username and password. Also i would select ‘require my authentication’ , that way you are less likely to forget your password which will be needed if you need to run administrative tasks.
All we have to do now is wait for the install to finish , if it has not already done so. When it has , you will be able to reboot into the guest operating system.

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