To all Mac, Windows and Linux users “This guy has a point”.

Was looking around Youtube for the latest on mac, windows & linux stuff and came across this guy. He made a valid point among his ramblings.

I agree totally with his views that it does not matter what computer, operating system or device you use. use what works for you. Don’t slam others that have a different view, or way of doing things. Yes have your own views but don’t force them on others, or think less of them for having a different way.

Now I Have always had the view that all operating systems have a place out there. I like all operating systems for different reasons.

  1. Windows: This is the best widely used gaming platform. This is due to the game developers building on the  windows platform more. some have mac ports which are ok . Usually linux does not even get a look in. Windows are cheeper
  2. Mac/Apple/osx: Generally Mac has always been at the top of the professional Music and Graphics side of the market Mac is simple easy and has less tweaking. It just works. they do cost more but they are made really well.
  3. Linux: Linux is generally for people who like tinkers. Linux can be tweaked and rebuilt for the users equipment/hardware or the exact needs the user may have. There are many different operating systems built on the linux platform.

Price:  How much money do you have to spend,/want to save.

  • PC computers: You may prefer to get your pc due to the cheeper price.  if you get a pc you are free to get one with windows preinstalled, one with no os(put your own on), or build your own from scratch.   either way with your pc you can choose to run windows, linux or dual boot and have 2 or more operating systems on the same computer.
  • Mac Computer: Mac computers are expensive to get but updates and apps are generally cheeper, once you have one. Mac also make great computers that are built to last

At the moment I have a Macbook pro running osx 10.8 Mountain Lion and am happy using that.  I have an few linux os running in a virtual machine (vbox) and that suits me fine. I dont own a windows pc, and have an old XP copy that the license no longer works. so i dont have windows so to speek. I will not be buying the full Windows 8 just to have it. I would get the upgrade if i had a working windows os already. its cheep atm.  upgrade = $89 full = $189 (nzd).

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2 comments on “To all Mac, Windows and Linux users “This guy has a point”.
  1. 01ben says:

    I do agree that users should use what they are comfortable using and use an OS which suits their needs. On the other hand tho, there is more to the linux vs mac vs windows debate than gaming and music/graphical applications. Other things such as budget , bad experiences with an OS , ie viruii on windows , or incompitable hardware in linux can , and of course users not wanting to step out of their comfort zone and learn something new will impact on what people use. Another thing to remember is every OS has its pro’s and cons

    • mickeyj4j says:

      I agree totally with you Ben. There are many reasons why people may choose one os over another. The point is not to bag others with a different choice.
      This goes on allot with the Linux vrs mac purists. such as the guy in the video is leading to.

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