Windows and apple release.

Here you go Apple and Microsoft both had their product release conferences within 2 days of each other . Both clame to have the most popular Operating System(os), products and stuff in the us. amazing, how can they both be claiming the same thing.

Apple actually build, create, and sell their own computers, smart phones, tablets etc with their os themselves. this gives apple the ability to integrate their os and devices together directly. This direct approach does give Apple soem advantages as their departments are closely working on the same focus.  To provide the best user experience, and top computers.

Windows on the other hand make just the operating systems and rely on other companies to make computers, smart phones, tablets etc for them. this means that as Windows is not directly building the computers the manufactures have to build their devices to take advantage of the os fully.  This indirect approach means that each computer manufacture competing against themselves  don’t have much room to push the boundary. they can only do what the os allows them.

Product Launches

Apple keynote Special Event, October 2012

Windows 8  Launch. October 25th 2012

An interesting article from New Zealand Herald click here

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