Mac: How to protect your investment

As mac computers are expensive and they do look nice. you may want to protect your investment as much as possible. Its worth paying a little bit extra to keep it in top condition.


You can get keyboard protectors such as the moshi ones. click here. they provide a great protection from dust, oil from your fingers and liquid spills. A good way incase something may happen.

WARNING: I was going to get a keyboard protector  till I heard someone say DON”T GET ONE. the reason being that.

  • keyboard skins raise internal temperatures by as much as 20 degrees C.
  • With only one thin slit serving as both inlet and exhaust (it runs along the hinge) and no other holes in the case, ventilation is *vital*. heat does escape from under the keyboard.
  • A keyboard protector will bake it into an early grave.
  • A better way to keep the Keyboard clean. There isn’t one, unfortunately, short of operating with clean fingers, and perhaps running a little keyboard vacuum cleaner around the edges now and then.

With the expense of mac computers anything that will cause the computer to raise the internal temperature and ware out faster is not an option. I hope this bit of information will help you making a decision weather its worth using a protector or not.

Still if you feel its worth getting one by all means its your choice.


these are a great investment

  • Mac official store products: c;ick here
  • Hard covers: click here
  • Skins:  removable, easy to reposition skins GelaSkins click here
  • Sleeves: click here
  • Bags: Any laptop bag will do. I prefer backpack style as I dont drive, catch public transport and walk allot.


Whatever you decide best suits your needs when it comes to protection, it is ok to pay for something quality your macbook investment is worth it.

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