Keep save file small. for better running.

As Saluki Linux is one of the many unique and varied Puppylinux operating systems. After using puppylinux myself over a few years, I notice, some people Find having a small save file, apart from taking up less space, helps to make it faster and more stable.

  1. first save all you document, music, and other personal files outside the save file.
  2. use sfs files instead of installing pets. sfs files are great for saving space and on smaller flashdrives, they may take up more ram to run so consider wisely which apps to install and which to run as sfs.

Another good way is to have some of the bigger apps outside the save file if possible. The following works for Thunderbird, and firefox. and maybe other applications to.

  1. first download the latest Firefox (ff) tar.gz file from click here
  2. extract it to the folder /mnt/home/apps folder. (/mnt/home is the drive, where the puppy setup files are. (You will need to make the folder called apps, to put all applications outside of save file)
  3. once extracted, open it and click on the firefox-bin file and ff should run.
  4. next you will need to create a desktop file. create the folder /mnt/home/apps/desktop-files
  5. go to menu>office>geany and copy the following.
    [Desktop Entry]
    Comment=A full featured Web Browser
  6. save this file to /mnt/home/apps/desktop-files
  7. next you will want to make a folder /mnt/home/apps/icons
  8. go to google images and type firefox icon, choose an icon and download it. then move it to the new icons folder you made
  9. go to /mnt/home/apps/desktop-files right click the file and go to create symlink. A new linked app will popup.
  10. right click on the new linked file and select cut.
  11. next open /use/share/applications right click on an empty space and select paste. Now restart x. the desktop file will put firefox in your puppy menu.

This works for other apps as long as the source file tar.gz has a app bin file. some do others don´t trial and error is the best thing.
With this setup I run Firefox and Thunderbird in several different puppy os, saluki, wary, slacko, lupu528.

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2 comments on “Keep save file small. for better running.
  1. cylesta says:

    See for additional ways to keep your savefile small.

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