Using one set of apps across many puppy linux operating systems.

Puppy linux is a great operating system in all its many forms., as you well know if you use it.

Today we are going to look at how to set up applications to be used in more than one puppy os. (I have a usb hdd with several puppy versions on it and I was wanting to save space).

Option 1 is to try running an sfs file in different puppy os, even if the sfs file is built for one version of puppy it might work in others.

Option 2 This works only with apps that pre-compilied with all libs needed to run in them. such as  firefox (ff) and thunderbird (tb). Lets use ff here.

  1. Download the latest ff tar.gz file from
  2. extract, or unpack, it to the usb drive(or where ever your puppy files are.
  3. then click on the bin file called firefox or firefox-bin and it should run.

Now you are probably going to want firefox to come up in the puppy menu so you will need to create a desktop file called firefox. To do this

open a blank txt tile and copy the following

[Desktop Entry]









Comment=A full featured Web Browser


(you will need to change the 2 lines Icon=/mnt/home/Apps/Icons/firefox.png and exec=/mnt/home/Apps/firefox/firefox-bin to where the files are setup on your computer) then copy this file to /usr/share/applications

also edit the file /usr/local/bin/defaultbrowser and change the exe line to

 exec /mnt/home/Apps/firefox/firefox-bin “$@”

(again changing the path to where you have put your firefox file).

Option 3 using Portable applications from click here This option works very well in puppy linux but it is not native, it uss wine (Windows environment emulator). To run the windows portable files

  1. install the wine app for your puppy version from the ppm (puppy package manager) or the wine sfs.
  2. next download the portable apps suite from click here make sure you put this on your puppy flashdrive or of you don’t have much space on a separate flashdrive will do..once you have this setup you will notice you have a set of apps already built in,
  3. then you can download apps here click here or search the site for others.
  4. Then click them and wine will start to install them. Choose your flashdrive with portable apps on it and install there.

(these portable windows apps will work in puppy or any other linux os, and mac using wine windows emulator)

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2 comments on “Using one set of apps across many puppy linux operating systems.
  1. […] or compile them if not available. you can also run applications click here and click here  under option 3 to see how to setup in puppy. Share […]

  2. California Bob says:

    Good stuff. I use Lucid 5.28 on a silent atom itx for daily browsing but I miss some of the portable apps I use on my Windows PCs. I was wondering if it was worth trying WINE to use XYplorer and a few of the other tools I like. Now that you’ve given details on how to do it I’m going to go ahead and see if I can get it working. Thanks.

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