Windows Computer Tips and Tricks.

Firefox Browser: (ff) Firefox is a great full featured browser if you are used to windows Internet Explorer you will find ff can do that amd much more. In ff I use the addons Adblock +, Adblock Plus pop-up addon and Element hiding helper for adblock plus. I find these addons help speed up browser running.
also here are some other tweaks you can apply to make it even better. note if you don’t like a feature just undo it. click here These works on all versions of ff and on all operating systems.
Google Chrome Browser:This is a good browser of choice. It is optemised to run fast and smooth. it needs less tweaking than other browsers, and is way faster than internet explorer. my setup usually included these 2 addons Adblock +  blocks adds using a extensive list that is updated and maintained by the application developers.  Adblock + ellement hiding helper. In chrome this addon you need to add stuff to it, manually at the moment.

other things you can do to tweak and improve chrome browser that i use are found here.

msconfig: this is a windows system command run this app and go to the startup tab. here you can tweak what applications will load at start up. if you dont know what one element is a quick Google search “what is the windows 7 start up process (process name)”. Some of these are quick start up processses for applications, to make them load faster when you run them, or might be applications you don’t use not needed really. I don’t touch another settings apart from the startup tab.

CCleaner: this is a cache and registry cleaner. It helps keep your applications in windows running at there best by automatically looking at them and cleaning them up for you. also the registry cleaner is a handy tool to clean up old registry entries that are not needed. see

Windows Defrag: Dont forget to defrag your computer at least one every week or 2. in windows def ragging is needed to clean up the file system. Over time the windows file system becomes messy due to the fact that parts of the information for files and applications can be put all over the computer known as fragmentation. defragging scans the hard drive and finds all teh related files puts them together and leaves all the extra space at the end of the drive. this makes your computer fun faster when done regularly.

  1. click  the windows start button
  2. type defrag in the search box
  3. run the defrag application.

for a good tutorial on windows defrag click here

Computer Protection:

There are 2 main types of protection you need to get when running windows 1. Anti-virus 2. Anti-spywear  these are a must have here is what I recommend and would use on windows.

Avast Antivirus: this is one of the best free antivirus i have come accross. remember it pays to run one antivirus application on your computer. to save conflicting. Avast has boot time scan feature that AVG does not. Boot time scanning is needed because some of the windows system files that are running the operating system cant be scanned. this is done before the windows boots up so it can scan everything. Run The avast boot time scan once you install and setup avast, then run it if you suspect you have a virus or about every few months. click here

Spybot S&D:  Spybot is a good application that will find allot of other things that anvitirus won’t such as Malware and Trojans and other things. click here

Here are some good things to look at:

I hope you find these basic tips handy and greatly improving your windows computer using.

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