copy iso to usb using dd comand

Today we are going to copy a iso to usb ready for use using the dd command. I suggest you first read up on what dd commands are before attempting this as they can be fatal and wiping hdd, usb and data etc.  click here used inmporperly might result in your hdd being wiped.

first we are going to  make sure the device path eg /dev/sdxx of teh usb that you want to copy the iso on. we will call this the usb key

  1. open a terminal  and type df and see what we have in the /dev/sdxx  column
  2. then plug in the usb key and run df again to see what new /dev/sd came up , the new /dev/sd   is the usb key. We MUST know the usb keys/dev/sd  to do anything. (we are going to give the usb key /dev/sdd)
  3. Next locate the iso you want to copy (we will say ~/iso/test.iso, where ~/ = your home folder)
  4. open a terminal and type cd ~/iso  (where ~/iso is the folder your iso is in)
  5. type ls to check if the iso file you want to copy is there.
  6. Stop before you continue note. the following command will wipe everything on the usb key (or other device you point to. make sure you know the exact device name /dev/sdx (run step 1 and 2 again if you need to) and make sure you dont have any data you need on teh usb key
  7. in terminal run dd if=test.iso of=/dev/sdd Replace test.iso with the name of the iso file you want to copy and  Replace /dev/sdd with what your usb key is.
  8. this should take about 5 minutes or so then you should be ready to boot from the usb device.
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