A look at SolusOS – Eveline

Over the last couple of days ive been looking into this release. What drew me into this release was that the project leader and founder is Ikey Doherty, who was one of the original people to work on LMDE. He also teamed up with Justin Krehel who also worked on LMDE, and in my opinion the linux mint community lost a great deal when they departed. However linuxmint’s loss is certainly SolusOS’s gain.
SolusOS is based on Debian Stable + Debian backports aswell as their own software repository. It uses an enhanced gnome 2 with polished look and feel. It will like most linux distrobutions have to make the move to gnome3 , but will continue to support gnome 2 as long squeeze is supported. They are already making plans for how gnome 3 will look and feel for SolusOS 2.
I booted up the live usb I had created with unetbootin. Before I let it boot into the live session , I wanted to see what boot options it had , not only did it have compatibility mode it had something I missed from the first release of LMDE , the option to by-pass the live user session and run only the installer.
It uses the same installer as LMDE, which isn’t too bad but in my opinion does leave room for improvement as there is no option for creating lvm’s or setting up encrypted partitions. It also requires users to either have made the partition(s) or it opens up gparted to make them , there is not a simple way of doing it like ubuntu’s ubiquity has. So that might be a little daunting for newcomers to linux. However I have been informed that these things might be included in future releases.
So after the installation had finished , I rebooted and logged in to find the best first run wizard I have ever used and the only one I found useful so far. It prompted me about network settings including the basic firewall options, however the thing that impressed me the most was the hardware wizard detected my hardware and told me which drivers needed to be installed, including the nvidia driver which I have been asked countless times , so its nice to see that it is covered easily here. Upon saying yes to the nvidia drivers , it showed me a list of was going to be installed, and even when this was done warned me that nouveau was running and I should restart to complete the process.
The desktop is easy on the eye and has a great layout , it comes with compiz and emerald theme manager . Not only does it look good and comes pre-packaged with all the usual software (Vlc , Libreoffice and Firefox) it also includes a lockdown editor useful to those who wish to create the own linux kiosk and for parents of young children aswell. Other useful software include PlayOnLinux, DropBox , Xchat, Openshot, Cheese and Minitube.
So for those who are newcomers to linux , distro-hoppers or those just wanting a change from what they’re using , this is an easy choice for me , easy to install, easy to configure and easy to use with a great community easily contact via the or in their irc channel #SolusOS which is at irc.silverirc.com


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