My discussion with Clem on LMDE

Hi all. the other day I was in the Linux mint chat channel and I happened to Chat with Clem (one of the top developers of mint and LMDE) about Lmde and some things i had noticed.

  • Q: Update from pack 3 – 4 does not include all that is in the Latest iso.
  • A: It updates the apps and things installed only. it does not include any new apps or extras that may be in the iso. This makes for a self managed and maintained operating system.
  • Q: As the idea of LMDE is to look and feel the same as the main mint distro why does LMDE have xfce version and Mint Main have lxde version.
  • A: Clem was not really sure except to say that Its worth discussing and he might do a poll on it some time. I also mentioned about the rolling release graphics driver I found for lmde. Clem said he would look into it and perhaps add it to the official documentation.

This cleared up the questions I had from using LMDE and it was great. Thanks Clem for providing this valuable info

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