Linux Mint Debian Releases Update Pack 4.

Last week Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) released Update Pack 4 and a new iso The new iso, if you don’t already have lmde, can be found click here  Update Pack 4 is a good stable update. here are a few things to note. For more info on lmde read my page about linux click here

  1. Update includes gnome 3
  2. option to stay with update pack 3 (for those who prefer gnome 2. this will not get many updates)
  3. Includes Gnome, Gnome Classic, can install Mate, and  Cinnamon desktops (both included in the latest iso).

Note: if you upgrade from update pack 3 you may find your graphics drivers did not load. This is a bug that needs to be fixed, what i found is if you install sgfix package it will bring rolling updates to your graphics card. click here

Note2: you have a choice of installing mate and cinnamon.

  • Mate is a fork of gnome 2 project (or what was the old gnome 2 we all know and love) designed to run on gnome 3.
  • Cinnamon is the new linux mint desktop. Like mate it is trying to bring a more gnome 2 feel to your desktop. Cinnamon in lmde is missing all the addons and extras that are available in the standard mint 12 release.

I prefer Mate especially in lmde.

To install Mate all you need is to install mate-desktop-environment. you can do this in Synaptic Package Manager or by opening a terminal and typing

sudo apt-get install mate-desktop-environment

Mate is now becoming very polished. it brings allot of features of gnome 2 to gnome 3 so it is a great choice if you like gnome 2 but want an up to date system.

Here is how i setup Mate desktop.

  1. I add a 2nd panel at top. To add apps etc is same as gnome 2 either right-click panel and click + add to panel. you can also drag apps from the menu. I also remove   including (|| = seperator)
  • From Left: browsers, email, || pidgin (im), xchat (irc), skype || Rhythembox (musicplayer), vlc (video player), || libreoffice, gedit (txt editor) || picasa (photo), e-sword (bible app) || vbox, dropbox
    From Right: clock + weather, shutdown, LockScreen, IndicatorAppletSession, Monitor Workspace Switcher || search, FileBrowser, terminal, calculator

Keep an eye out for my other posts on LMDE click here

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