Make the Internet Accessible.

Here is some interesting stuff on the subject of Web Accessibility or how to make the internet Accessible to those with disabilities.

  1. Accessibility and Usability for Web Professionals click here Interesting ideas for making the Internet accessible.
  2. What is Web Accessibility click here
  3. How to make your website more accessible click here
  4. Website accessibility click here

There are many sites online dealing with this. Just Google “internet accessibility” and see for yourself.

It starts with changing the thinking behind internet and computer usage. There is already allot of things out there for the disabled people to use computers.

  • Modified mouse, keyboards etc,
  • Applications such as on-screen keyboards, screen readers etc
  • Dragon click here, and other similar sortwear, can easily turn a computer into a fully accessible system
  • also the invention of  touch screen devices, smart phones, tablets etc can easily be used

Its becoming increasingly easy for anyone with a disability to have access to the on-line world. The trouble is we need to change our thinking on how we develop websites and having things to make it easy to do.

  • automatic captions to instantly add what a video is about, or what the people are saying .
  • website colour
  • text font, colours etc
  • how you layout things.
  • browser add-ons to make things easier for the disabled.

People who,  just happened to have a disability, whether physically seen, or hidden  are a valid part of our society. Get on the band wagon and lets make it easier for them to embrace the modern world.

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