How to install puppy linux to usb

To install puppy linux to usb follow this post. or use an application such as unetbootin. Your flashdrive should be formatted to fat 32, or ext3, ext3, ext4. (note: windows cannot read linux partitions so you may have to use fat32 if setup in windows) There are many versions of puppy linux available. click here  or click here or click here. Here we are using puppy linux 528.004 this will work for any version you have.

  1. Download Puppy Linux 528.004. click here
  2. Install puppy linux to usb with unetbootin or follow this post click here for a manual install with more than one os. (If used unetbootin you have finished). (If manually installed use the following to setup and add a different puppy os).
  3. On the usb create a folder called puppy528 (this is where the Linux kernel image(s) will go)
  4. Extract the 3 files vmlinux. intrid.gz, lupu_528.sfs from the iso image into the puppy528 folder on your usb device
  5. Create a file syslinux.cfg and copy this into it.

Here is a copy of my syslinux.cfg file. (syslinux boots fst32 or ntfs file systems. if you have a ext2, ext3, ext4 file system save this as extlinux.cfg)

default puppy
display boot.msg
prompt 1
timeout 50

F1 boot.msg
F2 help.msg

## Menu Entries ##
LABEL puppy528.004
MENU LABEL Puppy528.004 choice
KERNEL /Lupu528.004/vmlinuz
INITRD /Lupu528.004/initrd.gz
APPEND pmedia=usbhd

in the above example here are some things you need to know.

  • the line APPEND pmedia=usbhd (usb hard drive) to APPEND pmedia=usbflash (flash drive) or if not sure delete the line.
  • above the line ## Menu Entries ## is the default unetbootin menu leave it alone.

if you are wanting to install more than one puppy linux operating see my post on How to Make a Bootable Usb click here

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