Linux mint Debian Edition (LMDE)

Lately i have been testing Linux mint Debian Edition (LMDE). I find it a great little operating system. If you are used to Linux and Linux Mint itself here are some things to remember.. 

This is a new version of Linux Mint built on Debian testing. It is a rolling release meaning,  you do not have to re-install a new operating system, it will update internally. It brings the ease of use and familiarity of Linux MInt main editions to Debian. I would recommend this version to people who have moderate to experienced Linux knowledge, defiantly not if you are new to Linux

After installing, I installed and sett up all my usual packages, applications etc worked around 85-90% and i had some issues. I have found that some packages Click here e.g wine. is a bit hard to install and setup. when i installed wine and ran it in a terminal it gave some errors. documented click here. and click here

  • Download: click here 
  • Review: A good review thanks to sneekylinux can be found here
  • Updating: After you install LMDE and before updating you should read this click here you need to replace the current repositories with the new LMDE ones. 

Overall Linux Mint Debian Edition Is a great operating system for those Linux users wanting to try Debian.. When applications do install it runs them well and is quite stable. 

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3 comments on “Linux mint Debian Edition (LMDE)
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