What Puppy Linux Is Best For you.

When deciding on what Puppy Linux version to use you may want to consider some things. First you will need to consider how much ram, cpu, board type you have. This will determine what puppy operating system you will start with.

  • Wary: For Low speck, mainly old computers, wary is a good option. Wary is designed to run best on old computers click here
  • Lupu (lucid puppy): This is a good stable operating system and should work on computers 5+ years old.  click here
  • Slacko: the latest puppy version should run on newer computers. click here
  • Ppuppy431: This is an older version of puppylinux no longer maintained. (back in the days of puppy 431 there was a boom of puplets based on this base). click here  it is still a good stable puppy version. and you can find a good basic set of applications to run on it click here

For an overview of this and other puppy os click here This is a great place to start especially when  deciding on what Puppy Linux os to try.

Puppy Linux is a small operating system that packs a punch. For its small size it has a vast array of apps installed in it, and you can easily install others, or compile them if not available. you can also run portableapps.com applications click here and click here  under option 3 to see how to setup in puppy.

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