Linux Mint Basics

Linux Mint is built on ubuntu. so what works on ubuntu works on mint.  My own view is that Linux Mint has more installed stuff than Ubuntu, making it more a more user friendly and customisable operating system (os).

  1. Download the latest linux mint os from click here . atm mint 12 is the latest. it pays to keep up with the latest os. this is because the repositories  get updated to the new os ones. and dont work in the older versions any more. click here.  basically repositories are apps and updates they are what you find in the synaptic package manager aka package manager or software centre. ubuntu also has a long term support version (lts) click here . all the lts version means is that they maintain the repositories for 3 years from release. mint 9 ws the last one and mint 13 will be the next. i prefer LTS so i dont have to keep reinstalling everything all the time.
  2. after you have your mint iso you need to run a md5sum. or md5 here. when you have a good iso downloaded. you can either burn it to cd or put it on usb (if your computer can boot from usb).
  3. to burn an cd you need to remember to burn at the slowest speed you can. this will ensure a more stable burn. after this boot the cd and pres a key you can run the integrity check cd option to verify if you have a good cd.
  4. to set up a usb i usually install unetbootin. it can be installed on windows or a number of linux os. click here when run make sure your computer bios is set to boot from usb. i set up usb then cd then hdd in bios.
  5. ok now when you have booted the mint os you are able to have a play with it. when ready on the desktop click on the install icon and it will start the install wizard. you will see a window. for mint 12 a tutorial with screenshots etc on how to install click here  you will probably want to choose either of the first 2 options. if you already have an operating system you can install along side if you dont want to keep the os or its a blank hdd you will install full. the other option lets you add delete create partitions etc more for excpert use or of yoiu already have set-up your hdd.

if you want a basic hdd setup here is mine. ( click here for full size)

The above image is gparted a great app for managing the partitions on your hdd. click here for more information

Also see my following post Linux Mint Basics 2 for an update.

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