What is Linux                             

Linux simply put is an operating system (os). It is the software you put on your computer that allows you to do things. General points are

  1. It is a completely different type of operating system (os) for your computer. Unlike Windows and Mac it is free to download and use.
  2. Linux os’s are open source and usually have an . This means you are free to change, adapt and modify it to your individual needs.
  3. Linux, like mac, is a fork from unix that has made it very user friendly. It is the foundation that many different Linux distributions (distros or operating systems (os)) are built on.
  4. Linux is not Windows click here if you are new to Linux.
  5. Some examples of popular linux distros are, Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Open Suse,  Puppy Linux,  Slackwear, Fedora, Arch Linux and many more.
  6. A Linux os can either be built from scratch or based on an existing operating system, eg Linux base>Debian>Ubuntu>Linux Mint. Linux base>Woof>upup>lupu, Linux base>Woof>spup>slacko etc click here.
  7. One of the most common things between Linux Distros is the Linux command line. This is managed by the terminal, similar to windows doss prompt, where you type in commands to do things.

Some good information can be found here Click here.

I see many new Linux users who ask if they can run their favorite windows app. You may be able to run it using Wine but there are no guarantees that it will always work. It is better to check first if the app has already on Linux or find a Linux alternative that does what you need.

Here is some info on how to choose a Linux Operating System

Basic Linux Operating systems
Here are the main Linux os we recommend to New Linux users (noobs, nobles)

Linux Mint: This is a good first Linux operating system I tried. It is built on Ubuntu and has support for allot of hardware and can run most things, eg printers, scanners, cameras etc,  without the need for drivers and its easy to find them if you do. Linux mint is great if you want an operating system that has allot of features and feels like windows. Available for both 32 and 64 bit computers. There are 3 flavors you can try, Gnome (the standard mint), kde and lxde (a lightweight desktop for computers with low resources) Click here to download the latest Linux mint operating system.

Linux Mint Debian: (LMDE) This is a new version of Linux Mint built on Debian testing. It is a rolling release meaning,  you do not have to re-install a new operating system, it will update internally. I would recommend this version to people who have moderate to experienced Linux knowledge, defiantly not if you are new to Linux. Available in both 32 and 64 bit computers. There are 2 flavors you can try. Gnome and xfce (for older computers) Click Here to download LMDE and try it for yourself.

Puppy Linux: This is a great little os and  it has features not found in allot of other linux os. There are now many  different versions of puppy Linux all tailored for different needs. but puppy linux is good especially if you have an  older computer that cant run the more bigger modern os.  you can bring that old slow computer back to life. for some basic information and downloads  click here

Click the above images for links to their websites.

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