Choosing Your Linux Operating System

As there are so many different types of Linux operating systems (os) also known as a Linux Distro and it can get quite confusing,

Here are some ideas.

  • Think about what you use your computer for.
  • Do some research into what os might suite your needs.
  • When you have decided on an os Download the .iso file for it and  then burn it to a CD/DVD or you can install to usb flash drives using apps like unetbootin.
  • Make sure you set the computer to boot from usb then cd/dvd in bios
  • Put the CD, or usb, in and start testing, no install needed
  • When you find an os that you are happy withs you can then install it to the hdd or hdd partition.

Also Try and choose an os that has an extensive user base and good documentation. You will find that most have forums, wiki, and community sites which are a good source to find and ask for help. Most Linux os can be run directly from cd, dvd and usb so you can see what they are like before you install.   test a few out and see what you prefer. When you are happy with the os it is usually easy to install to the hard drive (hdd) or a partition on the hdd.

Most if not all Linux os can do the basic things  such as emails, browsing internet, storing and playing your music etc. There are also linux os built for specific tasks or users. so you may find one already setup with the tools you need. Unlike Mac and Windows a good Linux os will have allot of drivers built in to run most of the common, printers, scanners, graphics cards, webcams etc but if they are nto installed a quick ssearch in the os forums will usually turn out where to get them.

Here are the main Linux os I use and recommend to New Linux users (noobs, nobies).

Linux Mint: This was my first Linux operating system I found easy to use. It has support for allot of hardware and can run most things, eg printers, scanners, cameras etc,  without the need for drivers and its easy to find them if you do. Linux mint is great if you want an operating system that has allot of features and feels like windows.  Click here

Puppy Linux: This is a great little os and it has features not found in allot of other linux os. There are now many different versions of puppy Linux all tailored for different needs. I find that puppy linux is good especially if you have an older computer that cant run the more bigger modern os. you can bring that old slow computer back to life. for some basic information Click here. 

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6 comments on “Choosing Your Linux Operating System
  1. dinty_more says:

    Hey man great job! I will have to do more and more research as I learn which operating system is for you and a tough subject. Good thing you are doing here and keep up the good work. Linux Mint rocks!!

  2. dinty_more says:

    Oh, not to mention I just found something cool for your blog…how to update or install java and latest plugins…because the syntax is a lil’ confusing especially for newbz’…here is the link guys!

  3. Bebo says:

    Hey Michael, I was wondering if you knew something about Linux that I cannot seem to be able to track down. Maybe you will do a blog entry on it??? I keep having this wireless driver problem on this new Toshiba Satellite Laptop. The wireless it comes with is not on hardly any distributions, so I always get my OS installed and then I can’t get wireless drivers installed, here is the actual problem, because yes, I do know how to compile drivers. The problem is that some of my OS kernels does not have a /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build directory, which is where my wireless drivers always look when it wants to compile. Also, sometimes if I do have that Directory Heading, it sometimes says Make Error *** 2: “blah blah blah” …But I think this error is due to the OS not having GCC installed on the DVD/CD. Well, it would be great if you could address the directory problem, as it seems like installing the OS would cause this directory to be built. Thanks again Mike, have a g’day mate! lol ;D

    • mickeyj4j says:

      I don’t know how much help I can be. I will need to know a few things first.

      # what are your computer specks, ram, cpu, and of course the wireless device it has.
      # what Linux operating systems have you tried. or what do you use mainly.
      # any other information you feel might be relevant to me helping.
      I will see what I can find for you.

      so far I know that wifi drivers can be installed or support can be added to kernels. I assume you have looked on the Toshiba website to see if they provide linux drivers. also you might be able to use a windows one. this article on ubuntu shoudl provide some help.

      this might provide some basic help i will try to find out more when I get your reply.
      if you have not already feel free to join my blog.

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